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Connecting You

with Your Future

Government Contracting Officers 

Our Goal

Our goal at Orient Staffing Solutions is to help American based, licensed health care professionals solve their most challenging obstacle of finding the right job.


We offer competitive wages that are at the top of the industry, a benefit package to include paid vacation time, providing you with the foundation for a healthy life/work balance. 


Simply put, our approach is employee-focused. Our customers are both the governmental agencies we serve and our employees.  

Our Mission

We are committed to the success of our employees, each other and our local communities.

Our best, qualified candidates trust us to help them find the right career so they can achieve their most strategic and future goals.


Our values are to incorporate insight, integrity, smart communication and collaboration into every contract we deliver.

Our Value Proposition

When you decide to come work for OSS, you will be welcomed into our employee community which fosters education and support. 

Our Core Values

Put current and potential employees first, always. 

Foster trust, openness and integrity in all that we do.
Advocate for happy job, happy life. 

Seek to improve ourselves to better serve you.

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in Orient Staffing Solutions. We will review your email and respond as soon as possible. If you are interested in applying for a job, please visit our "Apply Now" webpage.

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